Monthly Archives: April 2009

Potarch handicap

Nine runners turned up at Potarch for the first handicap of the year.  Gary had marked the course this year in an attempt to not lose runners. It paid off as only one runner went wrong. No excuses as David did it last year and didn’t go wrong.

Fastest on the night was James who thought he was chasing Peter.  However Peter confused everyone by running it in reverse! Gail was first in beating her expected time by a good few minutes.  Click on Potarch handicap title for results


Saturday saw sunny skies and a big turn out for the Clachnaben hill race.  There were alot of fast runners there as it was several championship races  (SHR, SAL, U23).  Conditions were very wet from the rain earlier in the week.  First Deesider was Alan Sealy in 1:33:53 as Robbie appears not to be in the results.

Full results